Due to the nature of the content they keep and their varying locations, schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions are frequent victims of data breach. With research data, student and alumni personal records, health center records, payment information for tuitions, housing, food and books, the data security needs of the education market are widespread. Beyond providing a secure environment for students and faculty, there are many government, industry and state regulations that mandate data security for every type of information stored by educational institutions.

  • Leverage data expertise, deep analytics capabilities, and open standards to create new models for personalized education that improve student outcomes and align graduates to successful careers while ensuring your institution’s infrastructure is optimized for sustainability.
  • Create an exceptional student experience by making learning more personalized, collaborative and mobile, ensuring outcomes are optimized and that graduates and unemployed receive the career support they need to succeed in the work place.
  • Give institutions and researchers access to powerful, scalable and cost-effective computing capabilities that advance innovation and support the future of your institution.
  • Optimize back office areas like administration, human resources, facilities and infrastructure systems to enhance the quality of services, reduce cost, and minimize risk.