A Better Way to Deploy Secure, Private Infrastructure Clouds

Despite the widespread adoption of virtualization to increase IT performance and flexibility, this effort remains time consuming and perplexing. The traditional method of building a virtualized infrastructure requires the integration of many components such as servers, storage, network, virtualization tools, and operating systems (OSs) from a broad range of vendors. Additionally, with this widespread adoption come new security threats. Keeping company and customer data safe has become a top concern for C-level executives.

DataHelmet’s Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure allows you to build a customized, secure, private cloud infrastructure that enables faster time to service, reducing deployment time from weeks to days. The solution provides tested and proven guidelines to help you architect and deploy a cloud infrastructure that is optimized for your data center needs. Our cloud solution provides you with the ability to leverage layered, built-in security features in each layer of the infrastructure including the OS, compute, networking, storage, virtualization, and management. At DataHelmet, we deliver a complete, virtualized infrastructure that is certified and fully supported with a suite of applications and databases, so you can avoid the complexity of dealing with multiple vendors for support.

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