Retailers recognize that their data isn’t safe, and this threatens their profitability. Data not compliant with PCI DSS standards increases credit card costs on every transaction. And, reportable data breaches can have a negative effect on sales and reputation, generate credit monitoring costs and fines and are alleged to have cost senior executives and even CEOs their jobs.

  • Transform your retail business with engaging brand experiences that strengthen your customer relationships, drive profitable growth and build competitive advantage.
  • Technology can help you better understand complex, overlapping variables like consumer trends, demographics, seasonality and vendor limitations. With smarter merchandising and a more agile supply network, you can successfully match customers to offers and deliver merchandise with greater efficiency, transparency and accountability.
  • Operations that are fluid, flexible and integrated drive benefits that go right to the bottom line. Today’s efficient and highly-secure tools, technologies and services can improve your procurement, finance, administration, HR, budgeting, IT and business management functions.